Saturday, April 5, 2008

Things are going quite well in the life of Kevin...

It's currently a Saturday Morning at 10:30 and I'm here in my PJs, I plan to get up and take a shower when this is all good and done.

Anywho, thing are going well. Works fun, and we go into tech week this week for Charlie Brown, which leads to me missing work, which when written down on paper it seems like I'm missing a lot, but I only really need to be covered for 4 days, the others I just can switch and such activities.

Dad asked my why I failed to mention Impact or New York in my last blog, and that's simply because I forgot. New York was a bundle of Fun, we saw Young Frankenstien, Curtains, Mama Mia, and (against my wishes as Spring Awakening Tickets were availiable at TKTS) Mary Poppins. All were quite good, except Mary Poppins seemed to drag on a tad.

Impact was fun to, I spent a good amount of time admire the beards of "Ashes Remain" They had some very nice beards. A video (or two, I have A LOT of footage) should be up within the week, but again I'm very busy so we'll see.

SCRUBS RETURNS ON THURSDAY!!! Which makes Thursday National Wear Scrubs Day. Well I think that's about it for now except I'm now determined to find and see the movie below...

Also, I seem to have the urge to say Merry Christmas as a way of saying goodbye, I'm not sure why but I do.

So Merry Christmas everyone!

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