Friday, May 30, 2008


Things got real shitty, real fast. It's kinda like getting hit by a bus, but a lot less exciting, yet just as unexpected. So yeah, I'm kinda just depressed and numb and confused and mostly indescribable. So yeah... I think tonight I'm gonna pull an all nighter, maybe goto the java lounge see if anyone's playing and drown my sorrows in a strawberry bannana smoothie. Then I'll come home and have a little movie marathon until like 5 and then goto sleep until I have to work.

I've also lost just about all of my motivation, I don't care about school anymore (there's only 7 days left, there's absolutly no point. So if anyone talks to me and I seem out of it, or pissy, or any such thing I apologize in advance.

PS. I think my mug in the picture lightens the tone a little, this is the mug I drink out of when I'm feeling down, mostly for the irony.

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Emily said...

I love this picture...depressing in the best way possible.