Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My day today

Let me tell you all about my crazy day...
School = boring, nothing new there. However the weather was good while I was at school.

After that I'm go to moms store, pick up a notepad, a stamp that says "FILE COPY" and the movie Pi. On my way home, I'm enjoying the song Baker Street, by Gerry Rafferty when I get stuck in a torrential down pour, the kinda rain I haven't seen since MAD camp (which I wish was now, because I really need a break). Anyway, so Brad, numerous others and I were set to film a new movie for his AP world class, when the rain shows up, I call Brad, we cancel it, so I'm not directing a movie this afternoon. Okay, I can find other things to do, until in the midst of closing window chaos as return to the house, we lose power. darn... So I'm sitting up in my room listening to my ipod looking out the window for like an hour. Then I say to myself where's my DS, and I pulled it out, poped in Animal Crossing for the first time in many months and began to play again, I was focused on paying off my mortage so I could get another room in my house. I didn't but I oly have like 130,000 bells to go.

And so after that for about 4 hours, watching an episode of Wonder Showzen on my iPod, and an excellent (oddly) cooked meal, for no electricity, I finally have power again, but my internet's all funky because the weather does that to my connection... laaame. Yup that's my day, what fun! There are two check from work sitting on the desk in front of me, I know there's a third somewhere, and I'm wondering whether I should cash them or not. I think for the first time I've really been planning on buying Final Cut Express for my mac, and I may just do that...

Earlier in this post I mentioned a song, which I will post below for you crazy kids the listen to, as it's quite a nice song, and it makes me want to play the saxamaphone.

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