Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Let the Summer of movies begin...

Not making movies (although I expect to do that too) but watching them

So it's basically going to be like a movie a night, what fun! So with the first night of break out of the way we have the first movie of the summer...

From the guy who made Requiem For A Dream (but before he made it) comes Pi. The story of Max, a mathematician who believes that everything can be explained through math, and patterns. His goal, is to find the pattern within the Stock Market. As he get's closer, he starts having violent panic attacks, and begins to get involved with 2 groups, niether of which are clearly good. There's these jewish guys who believe that the whole Tora is a type of code, while Max is constantly harrassed by these Wall Street guys who want in on what he knows, and won't stop at anything to get it.

The Movie's pretty intense and has deep stuff in it. I've got to admit the ending is pretty confusing, I'm not sure exactly what happened. Check it out if you're interested, it's all in black and white, and kind of experimental at times, but it's worth it.

Here's a taste...

While at Wal-Mart to day I picked up both Hot Rod, and Night at the Roxbury, since I haven't seen either yet.

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