Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hot Rod

I've wanted to see this sense it came out in theaters, but never got the chance. Well I picked it up for $13 at Wal-Mart yesterday, and watched it around 10 that night.

The main character (Rod Kimble) is played by Andy Samberg (known for the digital shorts on SNL). He's basically a wannabe stunt man, who can't seem to land a single jump. And on top of that there's his step-dad who refuses to respect Rod until Rod can beat him in a fight. One day Rod comes home to find that his step dad (Frank) is dying and needs $50,000 heart transplant, which Rod becomes determined to raise the money for in order to save Franks life, only so he can beat the crap out him and earn his respect. The movie's filled with little short gags and slap-stick humor, but it's constantly hillarious.

The problem with me watching comedies at 10 at night is that Dad tends to come in around eleven to tell me to stop laughing so loudly :/. But long story short, if you enjoy the digital shorts on SNL you'll definatly love this movie.

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Margie said...

I'm enjoying reading your movie reviews. It's always interesting to see another person's perspective and to get ideas for things to get from Netflix that I wouldn't normally think about, or that I would never have gone to see in the theaters. There's just so much out there to see.