Tuesday, June 10, 2008


So I've always dreamed of the day I'd leave school with that playing behind me, unfortunatly I always forget to bring a ghetto blaster to school. Well today Linganore decided to hold the PA mic up to a boom box to replace the bells this day. And as luck would have it it was playing as I left today.

The funnier part had to be leaving 2nd period while they played "So Long, farewell alfedezhen adu" from the sound of music, and the select few of us who could sing along. wow... Also this morning Mr. Crum spent like 10 minutes talking about the iPhone 3G, and now I really want one, which sucks because my family's all like "woo Verizon" and I'm like "iPhone?..." so now I'm seriously considering leaving their plan and paying for the service on my own, because damn those things are sweet.

So the "I'll bring my rope" post is coming soon, but I need to finish the uncut DVD before, but let me give you a little teaser of the post...

Tori suggested that the term "hardcore film makers" could send out the wrong idea, but you know how it goes... so expect more on that later.

Summer is here, and The Beach Boys keep playing, as that's what I listen to this time of year. And they say that off the Florida Keys there's a place called kokomo. And I think I should go there to kill some time, besides the beach boys put a very convincing argument for me to go there. I think I'll hop on the Sloop John B. and head there.

...Okay, not the beach boys, but this is just as convincing.

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