Sunday, July 27, 2008

And the award goes to today...

For the best day since I got back from camp.  No Mattress, and no stress.

The day started with me waking up, outside, walking inside, then watching Whitest Kids U' Know on youtube for 2 hours before getting ready for church, wear I wore my "What Wouldn't Jesus Do?" to see if it'd stir up any controversy, it didn't, so I'm clear to wear that to church whenever.  

In the hours between then and 2:30 I sat around, until about 12:45 when I decided to walk to wal-mart and pick up an audio recorder to capture the ideas the spring from Brad, Danny, and I's later conversation.  While I was at Wal-Mart, I picked up the soundtrack to Walk Hard, and The 4o Year Old Virgin, because I still haven't seen in.  Also while I was in Wal-Mart we were hit by a storm, but I was determined to get home, so I snagged another plastic bag and forged a bonnet, turned on my ipod and ran home...  You know the scene in the movies when the down-trodden main character out of luck, is walking down the street when a truck passes splashing him with puddle water?  Well that happened to me, I wasn't really down-trodden, but kinda cool to have that experience, I was like 2-face, but half wet instead of half burned (litterally half of me was dry and the other half was wet, cut down the middle, but my head was dry, thanks Wal-Mart Bonnet).  

At 2:30, Danny came to pick me up and we went to the movie to await Brads arrival from Smoothie King.  When he did arrive we went to Chipolte, bought some burritos and then threw around some ideas, all of which I got recorded.  Then it was onto the 4:30 showing of Step Brothers... Hillarious! It was constant laughter, if your comfortable with language, suggestive references, and a certain aspect Will Ferrels anatomy (let just say only a portion of his junk) go see it, it was great, John C. Reilly was great.  The movie was hillarious, one of the ones you want to quote over and over, but it would be frowned upon to do so.  

Then it was back to my pad for about 3 hours of Wii time and then the guys left.  Great day.  I may add, that at 10 I'm catching South Park: Imaginationland, as I missed it before and it's supposed to be a really good episode.  Then afterwards, 40 Year Old Virgin, and then I think I'll retire to my own bed.  

I work tomorrow, and that's the end of my story for the day.

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