Thursday, July 31, 2008

We'll all float on alright.

So here I sit, a Thursday, and I'm NOT at work? Double You Tee Eff? So anyway, why no work? because I have pick up rehearsal, for Mattress, with no costumes, which means I'm free to wear my green shirt, and not the average black attire. I'll hopefully drive tonight, and we can listen to the Walk Hard Soundtrack.

I've been on and off writing an essay for AP comp today, my attention span dies pretty fast for school essays, but I've added an element of humor to my essay to keep it more interesting. It's about whether or not we should have corporate sponsorship in our schools, I'll reveal the humorous twist once I've turned it in. Once I get this done Mom's going to give me the George Carlin CD I asked for, so that's some incentive.

Other than that, there's not much new going on, Weekend=nothing, except work and mattress no new movies are coming out, at least non I'm to interested in. I want to goto the columbia mall sometime soon, that way I can pick up either Final Cut express for my Mac, or the upgrade to OSX Leopard, or both, but I'd have to cash some checks first. Anyway, until later I leave you with this scene from Walk Hard...

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