Friday, August 1, 2008

Swinging Votes

So yeah, I just got back from swing vote, it was ok. Not really all that laugh out loud funny, except for the over the top ads the politicians would use to try to win the main characters vote. Looking past that, it was a good movie. I did find it flawed in how it tried to show every vote matters in the argument that tone single vote can't change the outcome of the election, where's the flaw in showing that one man's vote completely determined the outcome? Well, in letting one man decide the outcome it completely erases the votes of everyone else in the nation. That and whenever they'd say what a unique moment it was for politics I couldn't help but reflect on how utterly impossible it was, in a way, Step Brothers was more believable. However Swing Vote is still a good movie, and Nathan Lane's in it, if you miss it in theaters, try to see it sometime via renting or TV.

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