Friday, August 1, 2008

Put down BREAKING DAWN for 2 seconds...

Edward dies...

No seriously guys, I swear he totally does. Stephenie Meyer's hinted at it sense the beginning.

Ex. page 257 of Twilight

"But seriously Bella, I've been around hundereds of years, and I bet that by the end of these next 4 years someone will realize I'm a vampire, and stab me in the heart with a wooden steak."
Trust me, he totally says that and 4 years, come on, Twilight's like Harry Potter, each book goes on like a year, we all know it to be true.  Besides, all those pages in Eclipse without Edward was clearly preparing the reader for a cullen-less future.  And here's how it happens on page 436 of Breaking Dawn...

"At that moment Bella knew it was best for the both of them, if Edward wasn't going to turn her into a vampire, and if his life was going to just get more dangerous, it was the best decision.  With that she took a wooden stake, and put her love to rest. And that was it, Edward Cullen was totally dead."
Now look at my face do I look like a liar?  That's what happens sorry guys.

PS: Dear angry readers, feel free to take a good punch next time you see me, and if I'm somehow right, please no lynchings.

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