Sunday, August 10, 2008

He blew his mind out in a car...

This past week while going through an Antique shop in Downtown Frederick, I came across this issue of Life Magazine.

I had seen the cover before, and knew I had found a good piece of Paul Is Dead history. My dad and I both being believers in the ideal split the price and share joint custody of the issue. In reading the article just a few minutes ago, I wanted to point out something...

If you listen to end of Strawberry Fields Forever, as the music is fading in and out of jumbled whistles and a little chaos, you can clearly hear John Lennon say "I Buried Paul." In the issue Derek Taylor (The Beatles' agent) stated that John was in fact saying "I'm Very Bored." The problem is in many instances the argument has been that John was saying "Cranberry Sauce." My issue here is that they can't seem to get it strait on what was said there, both accusations have been made by people close to The Beatles, so why can't they agree on one answer?
I still have my money on "I Buried Paul" listen to it and see if you agree.

Paul died before Sgt. Peppers, look at the album art, it's a funeral. The drum is the grave. I could go on, but we'll leave it there.

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