Monday, August 4, 2008

You could be responsible for Phil's death

Hola, this is my first serious post since the 2 Breaking Dawn stories.  So here I sit at the computer, 11:30 at night after a crazy day at work... Let me just say that I have a new respect for ice sculptors, and by that I mean, I spent at least an hour chiseling the ice out of the freezer.  fun times were had.

I finally got an AP Comp essay finished, which unlocked "George Carlin: It's Bad For Ya" Which I am listening to now, funny man, also brilliant.

So I plan to audition for The Complete Works Of Shakespeare (abridged) this week, should be a fun experience if I can get a part.  I've also found out that the school play is "The Miracle Worker" which I had Mom pick up the script for today, so I plan to get a read out of that too.  I also had her check out the 1st season of Arrested Development from the library, which I plan to check out after I'm done listening to George Carlin's last show. 

Goodnight, and Good Luck.

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