Sunday, June 22, 2008

Victory shall be mine...

So I was wrong, I can get a MD Moped Operators Permit... they're like $45.  And it looks like I shouldn't need to take a test or anything... check this out...
Moped Operator Permit: An applicant may obtain a Moped Operator Permit if the applicant is 16 years old, does not possess a valid driver's license issued by Maryland or any other jurisdiction, and provided the applicant's privilege to drive is not revoked, suspended, refused, or canceled in any jurisdiction.
So this could be it, I can afford the permit, and I'm pretty sure I can afford a moped...  The thing is my learners expires on the 6th, and I have doubts that I'll be seeing a big increase driving more frequently.  This would make things SO much easier, I take the back roads, and this gives me a way to get around when my family can't drive me themselves.  This just makes things so much easier on myself, and my parents, they just need to recognize that I can do this and work on my driving when possible.  Seriously MOPED=GOOD IDEA... besides, gas mopeds get good milage.

So that's my story about Mopeds I leave for work camp at 3, and need to stop by work at 1 during the shift change to see if anyone can cover for me tomorrow.  If they can't it's no big deal, I have it figured out to get there if I can't get covered, so it's a matter of will I make my dad drive out an hour tomorrow to pick me up or not.  

Yeah, Hair cut picks probably won't happen, which just makes me look lazy because I'm on my mac, and I could just open photobooth, but you know me... so either wait, because I'm sure there'll be work camp pics with my hair in them, so just wait a week.

So incase I don't come home tomorrow to work I'll see you all on Friday night, Enjoy your week.  And to all my friends at Rehobeth, do me a favor and don't get eaten by sharks.

UPDATE... well I couldn't get covered for tomorrow night, so it looks like you'll be getting a post to some degree Monday night...

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