Monday, June 23, 2008


Well as I said before, I'm home, solely because I couldn't get someone to cover for me.  I'm basically running on less sleep than usual, as it always takes me extra time to get adjusted to a new bed, and throw in my restless mind, and you have a recipe for maybe 5 hours of sleep.  I maybe got another half hour on the ride home though, hopefully I won't fall asleep at work.

So I'm DEFFINATLY going to do the moped thing, dad just needs to open his eyes, and realize I can work on my license and have a moped.  Honestly... the nerve of that guy to tell me I can't get a moped, and then tell me I have to walk to work today (in like 100 degree weather), while I don't mind walking when I 1-have my ipod, and 2- the weather's not hot...  both of those aren't happening, might I add the walk usually ranges from 20-30 minutes.  So a moped would get me there in the same time it takes a car.  Seriously, it's really annoying!  Sorry to bog you down with my problems.

Now as much as I plan on working, and could use the money for my moped fund, I wouldn't mind getting a call like I did last week saying they wouldn't need me tonight...  but that's just wishful thinking.  I will say that if given the chance to go home early, I'm totally up for it.

As for work camp, this morning Rusty and I formed the ALL-STAR team when it comes to roofing, I was the wing man, lining up the shingles, and such, and he put the hammer down in the timeliest of fashion.  Rusty and I room together, with the addition of Ban Marshall, we stayed up last night answering questions from my "would you rather...?" book.  My work camp mixes are quite the hit, so much that I need to throw together another one tonight... I'm not sure if I can, but we'll see what happens.  

So here I sit on my mac, as Meat Loaf plays in the background...  I have to admit, I really like his music, but it's pretty depressing at times... especially on Bat Out Of Hell 2.  So it's like good music, but it not the best thing to get stuck in your head.  Yeah that's it for now, maybe I'll throw together another post before I leave tomorrow at 7 AM to head back to work camp.  But in case I don't... goodbye until Friday...

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Anonymous said...

The following points were made to Kevin before he headed back to workcamp, but in the interest of full disclosure to his reading public I present them for your consideration.
1) It was barely 85 degrees yesterday when Kevin walked to work.
2) If he wasn't working he would have spent the entire afternoon working on a roof in the direct sun instead of sitting in an air conditioned house complaining about a 10-15 min. walk down a partially shaded street.
3) If, over the last TWO YEARS, he had shown as much initiative about getting in his driving hours as I know he's going to put in to pestering us about a moped he could have DRIVEN A CAR TO WORK!

Oh, and one more thing, in the future we're gonna have to screen Steve Carrell movies before we let Kevin go see them. After the last SC movie he saw, Little Miss Sunshine, he spent the next two years bugging us and everyone else about getting a 30+ year old Volkswagon bus. Now it's a moped after watching SC drive one in Get Smart.

-Kevin's Dad