Thursday, June 19, 2008


Talk To Me...

is the true story of former convict, turned hit radio DJ Petey Greene. This movie was incredible, I regret waiting so long to watch it. It's a true story, but you never really hear about, but let me say that it's incredible. I teared up at numerous parts in the movie, it's well worth the watch... If you can handle the f-bomb and the n-bomb deffinatly get this, you won't regret it... And even if you can't handle such bombs, get it anyway because this is a story you need to see.

Simply incredible

So I still don't know what to do with my time... People should TALK TO ME and we'll hang out. (GET SMART... Tomorrow mofos) so yeah, that's about it. I work tonight, and I'm not to enthusiastic about it... I remember the days when I was excited to work, but I'm feeling kinda drained lately (which is odd because I haven't been doing much of anything lately)... Oh I keep wanting to recomended this guy, but I never remember to, but click this link and check out Joshua Radin, some of his music is on Scrubs from time to time, and he's really good. On a side note, he's playing in Towson on July 26 (awesome, but also sucks because I'm working at mattress... well maybe next summer).


Margie said...

lethargy begets lethargy. You don't want to go to work because you're normal - how's that for an answer! It's much more fun to hang out on the sofa, watching/reviewing movies & checking things in cyberspace than having to do things for other people. Especially if one of those other people is your boss, no matter how much you like him/her and/or your job.

Oh, and Lucy missed your presence in Baker Park yesterday. She kept asking me "where is that crazy KevinCole guy?" Seriously. She did.

Kevin Cole said...

ha, aw well maybe someday I'll join her at the park again. work tonight was super slow too, like no one came in and there was nothing to do, so we had to send someone home early. And I lost the rock paper scissors match so I had to stay.