Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Close call

I took Little Sasha out for a ride today.  We went down to prospect park, where I like to sit on the pier and then make my way the bench by the pond and gather my thoughts.  I noticed some fish swimming in the pond, which seems more like an underwater forest.  Anyway, after being there for at least half an hour I made my way up to main street, as I turned onto the side walk, Little Sasha's left pedal fell off, I panicked and couldn't fix it without tools, so I rushed home carrying her in my arms like a fallen military comrade.  Luckily, I was able to fix upon returning him and finding a wrench, I also tightened the seat (which isn't to comfortable, as I have pains on my butt bone resulting from the seat).  But I think I may take her down to Wal-Mart later and pick up a new seat, as well as stop in Pet Loft and confirm that I can work on the Fourth of July (we close early, and it's a fancy holiday so who wants to buy pets anyway when they could be watching Fire Works).

Little Sasha has a new seat, well... kinda.  It's from my other old bike, but it's much more cushiony.  My Butt shall bo longer ride in pain!

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