Wednesday, July 2, 2008

stuffy stuff stuff...

Well, lets just say that yesterday, Little Sasha and I went to the park A LOT, more than we probably should.   I even rode her down to Wal-Mart, where I found a sweet horn, a lock, and a flashing light for night rides (I just didn't buy them due to a lack of money).  I watched Walk Hard last night, and it was hilarious (provided you can get past the occasional nudity, and the cruder stuff).  Then I went to sleep on the Hammock again, it's funny there weren't really stars out, it was to cloudy, but the clouds were patchy so you could see the occasional star.  But I did wake up at one point in the middle of the night to find a clear beautiful sky, I just couldn't keep my eyes open to enjoy it.  I think in sleeping outside, I find more peace and quiet than anywhere else, I honestly think if I went to bed in my room, I'd have been pretty stressed and I wouldn't be able to sleep easily.  But there's something about being outside that lightens the mood for me, and the air's different out there.  I woke up this morning to the sun, and the sound of the garbage man driving down the street.

Today I'm going to the MVA for Learners #3! then I have a guitar lesson, and in between all that I think Little Sasha and I will go out for a ride or two, other than that nothing really's happening.

Guitar THEN MVA... So now I have a free morning, and an afternoon in one of the 9(?) rings of hell.  Also I Diff'rent Strokes is on BET at 9:30, I'll have to incorporate it into my schedule.

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