Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday is a day...

TGIF, doesn't really work during the summer.  Anyway, as weird as it sounds I miss waking up 7 every morning, with the only thing on my mind being how I needed to get across the campsite and take a shower before the hot water ran out.  

So, CNN says Step Brothers is Will Ferrel's funniest movie since Talledega Nights.  I'm most likely seeing it Sunday, and I'm pretty excited. 

The first Mattress show is tonight, if you come you may catch a glimpse of me, if you don't I understand.  I work tomorrow, day shift, then Mattress that night as well, sunday's funday (after church).

 I've been really digging Flight Of The Conchords lately, I need to pick up their DVD at some point soon.

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