Thursday, July 3, 2008

Slip Slindin' Away

Well, here I am.  It's 7:11 in the morning, I'm up at 6:30 due to the sun.  Mom thinks it's a bad thing that I don't get back in bed when I come inside, but honestly, I disagree.  Anywho, hammock sleeping is really nice, I just can't get over how much it can calm me down before I goto sleep (and wasn't even that stressed last night).  And, besides how many people can have the satisfaction of being able to say that they know for a fact that in the night sky over the past 2 nights, the Big Dipper has moved up in the sky and rotated slightly.  It's the simple things that really help calm things down.  

I watched The Brothers Solomon last night, and it was pretty funny, not one of the best, but still a good laugh.

So what is it, Thursday?  yep.  Well, I work tonight, the biggest downside is now I realize I'm working 3 days in a row.  Woo, I enjoy work but not to that extent, so hopefully I'll survive long enough for me to escape from here and to VA, where I should find a pleasant escape from everything here, which is much needed.

Also, I love JD, he's probably the most relate-able guy on television (for me at least).  Sometimes I feel just like this (not today... well at least not yet).

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