Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday Morning at 8 o'clock as the day begins...

One day, I'll post this at 5 on a wednesday morning, and it'll be perfect

So yeah, here I sit in my pajama's not yet taken a shower, and used to getting up at 7, so nothing to new.  I had a dream where I went to rehearsal for mattress, and it was some kind of baseball comedy, and either my friend Brennan from camp, or Brad were working backstage with me, and Fred Amristed and Will Forte from SNL were in the show, that would be kick butt if it were true.

So I got a car if you crackas hadn't heard yet, so I've been up driving more often.  I even put together a kickin road mix...
  1. Life in Technicolor - Coldplay
  2. Stuck inside a mobile... - Bob Dylan
  3. Bowie - Flight of the Conchords
  4. Thunder Road - Bruce Sprinsteen
  5. Chocolate *mental note: no time for love Dr. Jones - Snow Patrol
  6. Bat Out of Hell - Meat Loaf
  7. Only You -  Joshua Radin
  8. Float On -  Modest Mouse
  9. Drunk man at the naval academy - The Mevs
  10. What You're Doing - The Beatles
  11. Nothing From Nothing - Billy Preston
  12. Falling Slowly - The Frames *note to reader: watch ONCE if you haven't
  13. I'm Alive - Jackson Browne
  14. On The Dark Side - John Cafferty *personal note: I still haven't seen Eddie and The Cruisers 2
  15. Frisco - Key Lime Pie
  16. Love Train - The O'Jays
  17. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey - William Campbell and Wings
  18. Graceland - Paul Simon
  19. Good Time - Leroy
  20. Fletch Theme
sweet indeed, not to mention I keep hitting Snow Patrol's Eyes Open album, it's very good if you haven't heard it.  

A special note about Garden State:
So I watched it for the fourth or fifth time the day before I went to camp, and by god, it gets better every time I watch it.  I connected with Large more that I ever really did, and I remember feeling really happy at the ending, I remember having a big smile on my face, and just relating with the characters so much...  So as I seem to do everyday, I applaud you Zach Braff.

Once I pay off my debt to my family, I think I'm going to invest in a GPS system, but not just anyone, one where I can get Mr T to tell me where I'm going, it'll be hardcore "Turn left sucka!"

I think that's it for now, I finished Kiss Me Like A Stranger on the car ride home, and now I don't know what to read or anything, me a Brad need to meet up, see Dark Knight, Step Brother, and get crackin' on some brainstorming.  Also, if anyone wants to borrow Kiss Me Like A Stranger let me know, Dad's going to read it at some point but he has to read his Steve Martin Book first, so let me know and I'll loan it out to you.

That should be it for now, perhaps I'll return later in the day, and post something new.

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