Saturday, June 21, 2008

Work Camp Playlists...

Yeah, so I threw together to playlists for Work Camp... Hopefully someone can bring a ghetto blaster so we can listen to them while we work, because I don't advise working with nails, while listening to headphones (just a bad idea).  So here's the first Playlist a put together...
  1. The Final Countdown-Europe
  2. Nothing From Nothing- Billy Preston (bought this today)
  3. Happy Days Theme- Pratt and McClain
  4. Domino- Van Morrison
  5. With A Little Help From My Friends- Across The Universe
  6. Build Me Up Buttercup- The Foundations
  7. Superman- Lazlo Bane
  8. Ping Island- The Life Aquatic...
  9. Under Pressure- David Bowie and Queen
  10. Me And Julio- Paul Simon
  11. You Can Call Me Al- Paul Simon
  12. Dr. Funkenstein- P-funk
  13. On The Dark Side- John Cafferty
  14. I want you back- The Jackson 5
  15. September- Earth Wind and Fire
  16. Come on Eileen- Dexy's Midnight Runners
  17. Good Vibrations- The Beach Boys
That's the first mix, running at an hour... and now the second...

  1. Wouldn't it be nice- The Beach Boys
  2. The Promissed Land- Bruce Sprinsteen
  3. Day-O (Bannana Boat Song)- Harry Belafonte
  4. Is She Really Going Out With Him- Joe Jackson
  5. I'm Stepping Out- John Lennon
  6. You Took The Words Right Out of my mouth- Meat Loaf
  7. Safety Dance- Men Without Hats
  8. Love Train- The O'Jays
  9. Let My Love Open The Door- Pete Townshend
  10. My Little Town- Simon and Garfunkel
  11. Diff'rent Strokes theme
  12. Ghostbusters- Ray Parker Jr.
  13. All My Loving- Jim Sturgess
  14. 500 Miles- The Proclaimers
  15. Good time- Leroy
  16. Hold on Hope- Guided by voices
  17. Midnight Train To Georgia- Gladis Knight and the Pips
  18. Invisible touch- Genesis
This one also running an hour... yup.

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